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Wild Berry (Sidr) Honey


Ingredients – 100% Pure Honey

Sider honey is considered to be liquid good as gold for its vivid and enormous health benefits. In India Sidr trees are found in serene and pollution free region of Rajisthan. Sider honey is collected by placing Honey Bee colonies in these region when the sidr flower blossoms. This honey can be collected for only 25 to 30 days in a year and hence is available in small quantities. Wild Berry Honey is considered to be natural and one of the best health tonic from ancient times.


Health Benefits

This honey is considered to be liquid good as gold, with its enormous health benefits –

  1. Sider honey is collected from a region unknown to pollution and sprays. Hence it has no trance of any harmful chemicals
  2. It is considered to be very good for stomach related problems; it is know to cure digestion and constipation problems.
  3. It is known to be one of the best natures immunity booster.
  4. Sidr Honey promote speedy recovery after childbirth and facilitates menstruation


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