Honey Kalonji Gift Hamper


A spoonful of Honey mixed with a couple of Kalonji seeds is a great way to start a healthy morning. Kalonji and honey are known for its benefits such as keeping diabetes in check,  fighting acne, increases memory, rids of headaches and many more such problems.

The perfect gift for all those you love. This gift hamper consists of Acacia Honey (30g) + Forest Honey (30g) + Kalonji Seeds (10g).


Acacia Honey (30g): This honey has mild sweet floral flavor and is considered to be one of the best tasting honey in the world.

Forest Honey (30g): Collected from the most untouched and serine environment and is considered to be one of the healthiest honey.

Kalonji Seeds (10g): When combined with honey has many health benefits.



Health Benefits

Health Benefits


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