Honey Bliss Gift Hamper


Gift this set of assorted premium packs of Honey and sweet Honey Jellies to make a mark on the receiver. This natural and pure combo of honey varieties is a healthy & rich option compared to other sugary sweets. This pack contains Eucalyptus Honey (30g), Acacia Honey (30g), Forest Honey (30g), Ajwain Honey (30g) and a bunch of delicious Honey jellies (60g).


Pack contains:

Acacia Honey (30g): Found mostly in the valleys of Kashmir, it has its own serenity with a mild floral taste.

Eucalyptus Honey (30g): The honey is high on medicinal value as its plant and has strong and distinct taste. It is very effective for many common ailments.

Forest Honey (30g): This wild variety is in its purest form from the untouched and serene environment of the forest. Apart from its great taste it has many medicinal properties because of the pollution free environment and herbs found in the forest.

Ajwain Honey (30g): Ajwain is used in many remedies because of its medicinal properties. The honey has the purest extract of ajwain collected by bees from its blossom which is known to cure many ailments, gastrointestinal diseases and even diabetes

Honey Lemon Jellies (60g): Sweet and healthy jellies made from honey and lemon are free from artificial sweeteners, flavors and synthetic colour.

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits


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