Why Prefer Honey Peanut Butter Over Normal Peanut Butter.


Why Prefer Honey Peanut Butter Over Normal Peanut Butter.


    Peanut butter is a tasty bread spread made of roasted peanuts. But it has added sugars, oils and flavor to enhance the taste and texture which is obviously harmful to us. A yummy delightful food will not be healthy always. Therefore I suggest you to use Honey peanut butter which has honey instead of sugar to make it yummier and sweeter. There are abundant benefits of Honey Peanut Butter which we will discuss further.

Health benefits of Honey Peanut Butter!

Honey peanut butter is a healthier option as they usually do not have Trans Fats and are low in saturated fats. They have monounsaturated fats which help in lowering the cholesterol levels in body resulting into reduced risk of heart diseases. Shake made of Honey peanut butter can help suffice the daily dose of protein required for people who work out as Peanuts are rich in carbohydrates and protein.

Honey contains carbohydrates, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The carbohydrates in honey provide energy to the working muscles in the body. It is a great Energy Booster for the day and maintains your health. Honey peanut Butter proves to be an antioxidant for the body. Antioxidant help reduce cell damage leaving your body with more healthy cells. It helps the immune system to fight many diseases and keeps you healthy.

Honey Peanut Butter Manages Diabetes

A very astonishing fact about Honey peanut butter is that it helps in managing diabetes. Peanuts have high magnesium level which is beneficial against the development of Diabetes. If you are having natural Honey peanut butter without any added sugars or flavors it has minimal effect on blood sugar levels as it has low glycemic Index. According to a popular website medicalnewstoday.com, it was found that people who have peanuts on regular basis have higher levels GLP-1 hormones in their body. GLP-1 is a Hormone that stimulates the release of insulin in the body, lowers insulin resistance and decreases appetite, which proves beneficial for diabetic patients. But be careful with peanut butter you use, as normal peanut butter may increase your sugar levels while Honey peanut butter is a healthier option.

Honey Peanut Butter for controlled diet.

Honey peanut butter suppresses hunger which helps in weight loss. As it is rich in fibers and proteins it keeps you full for a longer time.  If you are on a controlled diet you must try using Honey Peanut Butter in the morning or lunches. You can make a healthy whole wheat Honey peanut butter sandwiches with some apple slices or Granola bars as a snack for evening hunger pangs. You can also make your boring salads yummy by simply mixing a spoonful of Honey Peanut Butter to keep you going throughout the day. Sugars in normal peanut butter add on to your weight, so use only Honey Peanut Butter.


These are some yummy and healthy facts for Honey Peanut Butter. Read some yummy and healthy snacks that can be made out of Honey Peanut Butter in our next article. For more exciting products made out of Honey visit www.thehoneyshopindia.com

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