Why The Honey shop?

Are you getting Pure Honey in the Market?

We started back in the year 2009 , and realized very soon that it is difficult to provide pure honey to end consumer in the conventional marketing channel of medical stores, Grocery Stores and Supermarkets. Most of these retail outlets demand heavy margin and are not concern with purity of the product. The price war between the commercial brands and distribution of heavy margins in the supply chain makes it next to impossible for a manufacturer to deliver pure honey in the conventional marketing channel.

Needless to mention India produces one of best quality honey in the world due to its geographical diversity and floral diversity. The Honey made by Bees, when they collect nectar from the flower of Neem, Ajwain, Acacia and other herbal plants present in the forest is outstanding. The best quality honey produced in India is often exported from India as it fetches much better rates in the international market. This deprives us of our own honey.

The above factors makes it very difficult for us to get our hands on Pure and quality honey in the conventional market.

How THE HONEY SHOP Guaranties Pure Honey?

We at the honey shop thrive to bring honey right from the bee hive to you in its purest form. We work in close association with Bee keepers engaged in Scientific Bee Keeping and source our honey only from them, under strict supervision of our experts. We have also given training, bee suits and other equipments to many farmers for collecting forest honey in hygienic way. The Honey Shop procures honey from these trained farmers after necessary quality checks to guarantee pure honey.

  • We take pride in informing you that no bees are harmed during our honey collection.
  • Also we do honey collection in most hygienic manner unlike many other companies.
  • We give fairly good price to the bee keepers and forest honey collectors for their honey, so that they are not even lured to commit adulteration.

Best Seller

Honey Milk & Rose Bathing Bar

This heavenly combination of milk honey and rose hydrates the skin and keeps it young. Its aroma will mesmerise you.

Honey Lemon Jelly

These delicious sweet jellies are made purely of honey with the tang of lemon to it. It has all the benefits of honey

Acacia Honey

Collected by bees from Acaia Flower. Apart from its vivid benefits, It is one of the best tasting honey in the world

Ajwain Honey

Collected by bees from Ajwain Blossom, which makes it one of the rarest honey. Like its plant this honey is highly medicinal

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