Honey Orange Bathing Bar


This fruity burst of nature freshens up the morning and soothes the skin really well.

The orange peel extracts are rich in Vitamin C which is an excellent moisturizer and provides antioxidant and anti-aging benefits to skin. Regular use of honey Orange Bar shields the skin from visible impact of pollution and keeps it firm and younger for long time. Its fruity aroma will blow your senses away.



100% Natural: The Honey Shop thrives to keeps the products unadulterated and with all the goodness of nature. Normally soaps in the market deceive you of keeping the skin moisturized and healthy, but the harmful chemicals present in them do exactly opposite in long term. The Honey Orange Bar is 100% Sulphate and Paraben free and acts extremely gentle on your skin

Anti-aging: Vitamin C helps reducing dark spots, wrinkles and fights acne resulting into a younger looking skin.

Moisturizer: Honey and Orange together are excellent moisturizer for the skin.

Anti-bacterial: Since honey is antibacterial, it is helpful in treating acne and keeping other bacterial irritations on the skin at bay.

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits


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