Honey Mint & Lime Bathing Bar


This soap gives you a cool and refreshing after bath feel in the scorching heat of summer.

Apart from its cool effect, mint has anti inflammatory property and helps soothe mosquito bites and other irritations. Using mint for skin controls oiliness as it contains vitamin A. Lime has its own benefits, its content of vitamin C and citric acid helps brighten and lighten your skin over the period of time. All this with the amazing benefits of honey makes this soap an ideal choice in summers.



100% Natural: The Honey Shop thrives to keeps the products unadulterated and with all the goodness of nature. Soaps in the commercial market deceive you of keeping the skin moisturized and healthy, but the harmful chemicals present in them do exactly opposite in long term. The Honey Lime Bar is free from such chemicals and do gentle cleaning.

Anti-inflammatory – Mint with honey is highly anti inflammatory. It helps to soothe mosquito bites and other irritations.

Best for summers: Mint has a cooling affect that helps you cool down during summers. It also soothes mosquito bites and other skin irritations.

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits


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