Honey Milk & Rose Bathing Bar


A heavenly combination of milk, honey and rose that hydrates the skin and keeps it young. Milk is known to be great for skin as it has many vitamins, minerals and proteins. When honey and rose extracts are combined it becomes an excellent moisturizer and leaves the skin glowing and radiant. Regular use of this soap reduces wrinkles and prevents aging.


A heavenly combination of milk honey and rose hydrates the skin and keeps it young.

100% Natural: The Honey Shop thrives to keeps the products pure with all the goodness of nature. Normally soaps in the market deceive you of keeping the skin moisturized and healthy, but the harmful chemicals present in them do exactly opposite in long term. The Honey Milk & Rose bathing bar is 100% Sulphate and Paraben free and acts extremely gentle on your skin

Excellent Moisturizer – Honey is hygroscopic in nature. This property of honey makes it extremely moisturizing for your skin. Milk is also known for its moisturizing effect. This combination of milk and Honey helps to keep moisture locked in your skin so that it stays moisturized thought the day. This moisture and elasticity in your skin gives it a natural glow and keeps your skin soft and healthy.

Anti aging: Regular use reduces dark spots and wrinkles and prevents aging of the skin.

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits


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