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Honey Lavender Bathing Bar


The pleasant aroma of lavender clears your mind and gives you a fresh start. Combination of honey and Lavender is known to fight acne and other skin problems. Lavender is great after a hectic day as it eliminates nervous tension, relieves pain and enhances blood circulation. Nothing will unwind you better after a long day than our honey lavender bathing bar.


100% Natural: The Honey Shop thrives to keeps the products unadulterated and with all the goodness of nature. Soaps in the commercial market deceive you of keeping the skin moisturized and healthy, but the harmful chemicals present in them do exactly opposite in long term. The Honey Lavender Bar is free from such chemicals and do gentle cleaning.

Natural Relaxant: A good therapy after a long day, as it relaxes muscles and promotes sleep.

Fights Acne: Honey is known to have many antibacterial and antifungal properties which fight acne and other skin problems.

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Health Benefits

Health Benefits


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