Is Forest Honey an Organic Honey??-Benefits of Forest Honey


Is Forest Honey an Organic Honey??-Benefits of Forest Honey

What is Forest Honey?

Forest honey is by default an organic Honey as it is a mixture of herbs and medicinal plants from the untouched environment. Forest honey is multifloral, as the bees visit various flowers in the forest to make this honey. It is also known as honeydew honey or tree honey. As its name suggests, it is primarily produced from trees rather than smaller plants and its composition differ according to the flower that Honeybee brings nectar from. However, forest honey can also be produced from grasses and plants but only in smaller amounts. Generally, forest honeys have a darker color, some varieties almost appears black. Most varieties of forest honey have a thick consistency and a smooth texture which makes them more appealing. Some take very long time to crystallize, while others have a medium crystallization time.

Benefits of Forest Honey:

  1. When we consume Forest Honey as a sweetener, we are unaware of consuming lots of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as well. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B2, B3, B5 and B6, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. All of which is vital for the body. In simpler words, consumption of forest honey promotes digestive health, fights indigestion and protects the body from heart diseases and cancer.                                                                 
  2. Forest honey helps in curing cold, cough, flu and acts as a soothing agent for sore throat as well.
  3. Forest Honey prevents allergies when consumed regularly. It also helps building immunity as it is a mixture of variety of herbs and medicinal plants.
  4. As forest honey has antibacterial properties, it acts as a good healing agent. It treats wounds, surgery, bed sores, infections and ulcers. It helps treating sun burns as well.
  5. Forest honey works wonder for the skin. It cures acne, pimples and also skin related problems. It prevents premature ageing too. This also makes a great natural face pack and helps unclog pores and get rid of blackheads. In my experience, it also tightens skin and makes it soft and supple.
  6. Forest honey also plays a vital role in weight loss. As Forest honey has lower glycemic index, it helps in reducing weight. If you are looking for ways to enjoy eating something sweet and healthy and manage your weight, then forest honey is the best choice.


Where to buy Forest Honey?

There are many competitors in the market who just add lots of sugars in the name of natural forest honey. So, be careful when choosing the right product. Forest honey is one of the highly demanded product of our company. The honey we offer is guaranteed to be genuine, pure and free from any artificial sugars or sweeteners.

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Finally, Forest Honey which is rich in minerals and complex sugar has strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties compared to the blossom honey which we all prefer. Though it is low in sugar content, it has a strong flavor that makes best to consume. It is a very rare form of honey that is produced only in few parts of the world.







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