Benefits of Honey for Hair


Benefits of Honey for Hair


Honey, a sweet and alluring food product is known from age old times for its health benefits and healing properties.

Researchers now reveal it’s various other advantages in the skin and hair-care routine. The pollution and stressful lifestyle that we all face today makes our skin and hair most prone to damage. Rather than resorting to more chemicals to maintain the beauty and health of our skin and hair natural products with least side effects such as honey such be included in our beauty ritual.

This pure gold liquid has various positives for healthy and beautiful hair discussed below:


Honey is a great moisturiser for your scalp:

Honey being Hygroscopic can retain a great amount of moisture in hair. It contains various sugars and amino acids which help in holding water.

When we apply honey to the hair, it attracts water which gets absorbed in the scalp and helps in moisturizing and softening it. When the scalp is healthy it provides shine and texture to the hair.  Moisturizing reduces hair breakage which prominently occurs in dry hair causing split ends. Dry and lifeless hair are more prone to friction. Honey’s moisturizing power reduces this friction and prevents breakage thus helping in hair growth.


Honey for dandruff free hair:

The biggest hassle we face in our hair-care routine is treating and getting rid of dandruff. Dandruff is actually a fungal infection caused by fungus malassezia on the scalp. Dry scalp promotes the overgrowth of this fungus and the dead skin of scalp forms scales and sheds in the form of dandruff. Aesthetically as well as hygienically, dandruff is the worst nightmare we face.

To treat it we generally focus on chemicals which kill the fungus. But such chemicals not only eradicate the fungus but also rob our hair of its texture which it generally claims it will retain. This is because chemicals tend to damage the hair protein keratin thereby causing brittleness in the hair.

The most easy and safe way is to use natural anti-fungal substances. Honey is the answer to this. Honey has anti-fungal properties and antioxidants which slow down the fungal growth. Also its moisturizing ability prevents the drying of scalp thereby preventing the regrowth of the fungus.


Honey for improving hair quality

Honey contains various minerals like calcium, iron etc. Also it’s a great multivitamin sourcing vitamin B complex and also vitamin C. Apart from this, honey bees tend to add a protein name defensein-1 while they store honey in the honey combs. This protein is known to treat skin infections.

When such a nutrient rich liquid is applied to the scalp, the nutrition is absorbed by the scalp and helps to promote the growth of healthy hair. The moisturizing power of honey makes the hair shiny and reduces dandruff thus preventing breakage and hair fall. The overall quality of the hair is improved by the regular application of honey to the hair making them bouncy and beautiful.

Take care of your hair by accepting the nature’s blessing and switch from many chemical products to one natural product- honey.

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