Raw Honey: All You Need To Know, Its Health Benefits And Types.


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What Is Raw Honey?

We all know what “Raw” exactly means when it comes to uncooked vegetables and meat. It has all the living enzymes, natural vitamins and a range of nutritional elements. Likewise, when raw honey is collected directly from the honey extractors it is raw and has not gone through any heating, processing or pasteurization process.

The raw honey is an alkaline-forming food same as the fruit. When the raw honey mixes with the digestive system it becomes alkaline and doesn’t ferment in the stomach. Its best for people who have acidity issues to maintain the acid-alkaline in the body.

What Is The Difference Between Raw Honey And Processed Honey?

Raw Honey Processed Honey
1. Raw honey is made by extracting honey from the honeycombs that are collected by the honeybees from different flowers. Evades commercial processing methods. 1. While the processed honey goes through several product procedures before being bottled.  To enhance the shelf life of honey, pasteurization is done in which high heat is applied that makes honey smoother.
2. It is then poured over a nylon cloth or mesh that separates the liquid extract (i.e. honey separated from various impurities that include dead bees and beeswax). Once strained it can be consumed. 2. It then goes through a filtration process where impurities like air bubbles and debris are removed. This makes the honey clear liquid for a longer time.
3. Raw honey has natural sweetness 3. In processed honey,sweeteners are added by many manufacturers to reduce processing costs.
4. Have all the natural antioxidants, essential nutrients and yeast present. 4. Destroys the yeast during pasteurization method. The filtration method removes the beneficial nutrients like enzymes, pollen, and antioxidants.


Is Raw Honey Good For Your Health? What Are The Benefits Of Raw Honey? 

Raw honey has been used through ages as a remedy for various disorders and diseases. It has an array of medical uses and health benefits.

Organic Honey or raw honey has 31 different minerals, 22 amino acids, an array of minerals and vitamins. The nutrients are present but in a very lower amount.

Benefits Of Honey:

1. Good Source Of Antioxidants:

With 30 different variants of bioactive plant compounds (which is also called as polyphenols) present in honey, it acts as an antioxidant.

Many types of honey have antioxidants similar to what is found in vegetables and fruits. These antioxidants protect the body from any cell damage caused due to free radicals. The free radicals in your body contribute to various chronic diseases like heart disease and certain cancer, while also increases your aging process.

2. Antifungal And Antibacterial Properties:

With hydrogen peroxide naturally present in raw honey, it acts as a natural antiseptic that can kill fungus and unwanted bacteria.

3. Wound Healer:

Manuka honey is known to be the best for healing wounds.

Methylglyoxal present in this honey is considered to be therapeutic which has the stronger antibiotic effect, it is rated as UMF. The greater the UMF the stronger it has the antibiotic effect. The Manuka honey also helps in tissue and cell regeneration.

4. Phytonutrients Powerhouse:

It’s a compound found in plants, to protect it from UV rays and insects. The phytonutrients when present in honey are known to be antioxidant-rich, with the power of antifungal and antibacterial properties. That is why raw honey is known to have anticancer and immune boosting properties.

Honey Is Good For You

From Visually.

5. Removes Digestive Issues:

Though there are not many studies supporting this statement, but is a proven treatment for Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which is a common cause of stomach ulcer. The raw honey is known to be potent prebiotic, that nourishes the good bacteria in the intestines, which is crucial for overall health.

6. Sore Throat Treatment:

The best medication for sore throat treatment. When you have a cold or minor throat infection, you can have hot tea with honey. Raw honey is known to be as effective as the dextromethorphan medicine that treats the common cough and cold.

What Are The Different Types Of Honey Varieties?

The market is flooded with approximately 300 variants of honey. Every type has a different flavor, characteristics, color and taste. The different types of honey have different nutritional and health benefits. The honey is characterized by the flower source. Even if the flower is same and the location is different the honey would taste different. This is because of the difference in climatic conditions.

At TheHoneyShopIndia, we provide the below list of honey that is raw and unpasteurized:

Acacia Honey:

With an impressive portfolio, the Acacia honey is considered as the best honey.  It is one of the most demanded and preferred variety in the market. Its color depends upon whether it has been collected from white or yellow acacia flower.

With a low glycemic index, this honey is preferable for people suffering from diabetes. When consumed regularly the Acacia Honey helps in normalizing blood pressure thus increasing the level of hemoglobin.

Acacia honey comes with a host of health benefits like it improves sleep, has a calming effect which is beneficial for nervous tension, stress and mental disorders. Best suitable for people who labor intellectually as it stimulates brain activity.

Acacia honey is used for the treatment of conjunctivitis. It has an antiseptic property that helps cure most of the skin and oral cavity diseases.

Like other honey, the Acacia honey is also beneficial for the treatment of ulcers, and gastrointestinal diseases. It is also beneficial for some cases of bronchial asthma.

Wild Berry (sidr) Honey:

Wild berry(sidr) honey comes from the flowers of Jujube or Ziziphus Spinachristi tree. The flower blooms only for a month in a year and so it is collected for a very shorter period.

Moreover, sidr tree grows in a few places which makes it rare honey. Wild berry honey is a sure shot remedial food for many ailments.

The honey helps in strengthening the immune system, treats stomach issues like stomach ulcers and constipation.

It helps to maintain the gut ecology and treats liver problems as well. Also treats a load of infections like respiratory and eye diseases. A beneficial food that provides a burst of nutrients during pregnancy.


Ajwain Honey:

Many people have the misconception that Ajwain honey is made up of Ajwain flavor extract in the honey.

Many companies do that, but we at honey shop India sell Natural honey collected from Ajwain leaves.

Ajwain itself has ample benefits. When it comes in honey form, it helps relieve a number of underlying health conditions.

It helps relieve stomach ache, cough, cold, and sore throat. It is great for people who want to lose weight.

All in one, a spoon of Ajwain honey with warm water every morning ensures tremendous results.


Forest Honey:

Also Known as wild honey, the forest honey is collected by the bees from the nectar of wildflowers.

The taste of the wild honey changes depending upon the season.

It offers endless benefits like it strengthens the immune system, fights indigestion, promotes digestive health, and protects the body from cancer and heart diseases.

During allergic seasons, you can consume few teaspoons of raw honey for 2-3 times a day in order to treat the allergic reaction.


Coriander Honey:

We at HoneyShopIndia provide original coriander honey. HoneyShopIndia sells only original honey and not flavored honey.

Now coming to the benefits like other honey variants, it also helps to improve digestion.

Other benefits include; it helps cure liver, duodenum and pancreas diseases. You can lose extra pounds by consuming coriander honey daily. An effective expectoration agent when suffering through pneumonia and bronchitis. Relieves stress and slows heart rate. The pollens of this natural honey contain antimicrobial action. The antioxidant present in this honey help to fight free radicals and prevents the development of bad bacteria.

Sunflower Honey:

Collected from the nectar of Sunflower, the bees can find enough pollen and nectar because of the large cultures of sunflowers.

It provides effective medicinal value when using for lung, stomach, kidney, intestine, heart and blood vessel diseases. For increasing the blood circulation in the body many people drink red wine, but the sunflower honey offers faster results than the red wine.

Japan and China have made compulsory for all children in school to consume sunflower honey as it acts as a good mental tonic.

Cotton Honey:

Cotton honey might sound like a joke for many, since cotton is for clothes.

In a cotton plant, first the flower blossoms and then the cotton ball. The flower only lasts for 5-6 days and in that period the bees collect the nectar.

The cotton honey is the combined honey, made from the honeydew found on the plant and nectar of the flower. When the flower changes color, the bees then move to collect the nectar from the green colored bracts, which is a leaf-like flower found on the base of the flower. Cotton Honey comes with great antibacterial properties.

Eucalyptus Honey:

As we all know eucalyptus is a popular medicine for curing cough, cold and sore throat.

It is filled with antiseptic properties.

The eucalyptus organic honey is highly beneficial for healing ulcers, wounds and sores.

It is also a natural energy booster and cures respiratory ailments.

Daily consumption of few teaspoons can lead to better results.

Multiflora Honey:

This natural honey has its source from different types of wild vegetations that are usually found in regions having harsh climatic conditions.

The bees collect the nectar from multiple flowers that include mustard, eucalyptus, sunflower and many more.

The multiflora pure honey is the best medicine for enhancing your immunity, decreases hypertension, and reduces antibacterial irritation.

Daily consumption of few teaspoons can lead to better results.

Can Honey Products Act As Cosmetics Or Delicacies?

Honey has antibacterial and antioxidants properties which makes it the best product for cosmetics and delicacies as well. Many cosmetic companies use honey in their products as a humectant which acts as a skin conditioning agent. The food industry uses honey as a natural flavoring agent. Apply natural honey directly on your face to remove acne, slow aging, boost complexion and unclog the pores. Honey used in delicacies has all the health benefits as mentioned above.

We at TheHoneyShopIndia offer only natural honey products.


Honey Charcoal Bathing Bar:

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Infused with the goodness of honey and charcoal the activated charcoal absorbs dust and pollution from the skin and leaves the skin clear and radiant while honey provides smooth skin.

Honey Lemon Grass Bathing Bar:Buy lemongrass Soap Online Front

Start your day with the refreshing fragrance as this soap fights body odor, acts as a natural skin toner and exfoliates your skin.


Honey Mint And Lime Bathing Bar:

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  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • This soap gives a cool and refreshing after bath feel.


Honey Lavender Bathing Bar:

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Clear your mind with the relaxant property in this soap that helps relax the muscle and promotes sleep while clearing your acne prone skin.


Honey Milk And Rose Bathing Bar:

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A heavenly combination of honey and milk that acts as an excellent moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and young.


Honey Orange Bathing Bar:

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Now get that fruit burst and freshen up your mornings and soothe your skin with antibacterial, anti-aging property and moisturizer present in the bar.



Honey Mojito:

Now sweeten up your memorable time with your friends and family by having a honey mojito. A health booster drink with a promising taste. (Buy Honey Mojito)

Honey Lemon Jelly:

Eat honey jelly with a tang of lemon in it. With no artificial sweetener, added flavor and synthetic color. (Buy Honey Lemon Jelly)

Honey Mango Jelly:

Made from 100% real mango pulp and honey the non-sugar mango jellies are a great delight to your taste buds while keeping you healthy. (Buy Honey Mango Jelly)

Honey Strawberry Jelly:

Enjoy the fruity burst of strawberry and natural honey. Made from real seasonal strawberry, the honey strawberry jelly comes with loads of health benefits. (Buy Honey Strawberry Jelly)

Honey Peanut Butter:

Now include your morning diet with proteins and vitamins by applying honey peanut butter to bread/chapati. Relish yourself with the goodness of honey and authentic peanut butter. (Buy Honey Peanut Butter)

Honey Nuts:

The combination of dry fruit in raw honey has various health benefits. It is not only delicious but also offers a good source of energy. (Buy Honey Nuts)

Honey Chocolates:

Are you a chocoholic? But unable to eat because of the fear of gaining that extra pounds. Then try our Honey chocolates that comes with a load of health benefits and good for all age groups. (Buy Honey Chocolates)

Honey Ginger Green Tea:

Honey when blended with green tea, increases the medicinal value. A rich source of antioxidants, the honey ginger green tea offers natural sweetness and distinct flavor. (Buy Honey Ginger Green Tea)

Honey Orange Green Tea:

A perfect blend of natural honey and green tea extracts, the Honey orange green tea is a great beverage to start your day with. Get a tangy flavor as it comes with the goodness of orange. (Buy Honey Orange Green Tea)

Where Can I Buy The World’s Best Honey?

Looking for natural raw honey that is unprocessed, then look no further than HoneyShopIndia. We guarantee you get the best natural honey at a lower price only from us.

Bottom line/ Summary

If you are consuming honey, it should provide you with all the nutritional value rather than harming your health. We at HoneyShopIndia sell only natural raw honey that is unpasteurized, unheated and unprocessed. Eat our natural honey to help your body retain all the natural enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, and other nutritional elements.

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