Ajwain Honey a Boon for health: Where to find the best Ajwain Honey?


Ajwain Honey a Boon for health: Where to find the best Ajwain Honey?


What is Ajwain Honey?

Honey, “the natural and healthier sweetener” has been used from ages and it is one of the essential product in everyone’s house. Owing the benefits of honey, many people have started using it as a replacement of sugar in tea/ coffees. There are varieties of Honey available nowadays; one among them is Ajwain Honey. “Ajwain” is known for its medicinal properties and has lot of health benefits when used in different forms.

Ajwain honey is one such products of Ajwain which can be used as a natural sweetener. Unlike the usual sugar, this Ajwain Honey can be consumed in all age groups and also helps in acidity and digestion related problems. In fact, Ajwain plant is also grown in many homes due to its amazing Ayurvedic benefits.

How Ajwain Honey is made by Honeybees?

Many have a misconception that Ajwain Honey is made by adding Ajwain flavor or extracts in the Honey. A lot of companies’ do that too, But the Honey at The Honey Shop India is 100% natural and without any added flavors. It is fascinating how Honeybee brings you the flavor and benefits of Ajwain.

The Ajwain flowers bloom for a brief period of time. The honey is collected by keeping the bee hives inside the field of blooming Ajwain flowers. It has all the benefits of Ajwain seed or Carrom seed as it is made from their flowers. A very rare medicinal Honey that is best harvested in India.


Benefits of Ajwain Honey

  1. As Ajwain Honey has antibacterial properties in it, it helps to relieve from cold, cough and sore throat. Take 1 spoons of this Ajwain honey during the above symptoms and it will result in immediate relief.
  2.  Ajwain Honey helps in weight loss. Those who are struggling to lose weight , having one spoon of Ajwain honey with warm water in     the early morning gives tremendous results. As this honey is pure and natural, there are no side effects and it’s the natural way of losing  weight.
  3.  Ajwain Honey is good for infants and children’s because it relieves colic, gastric troubles and stomach aches on them. Feeding them one or half spoon of Ajwain Honey depends on age will result in instant relief
  4.  Ajwain Honey helps reduce the level of sugars in diabetic patients. A study has proved that diabetic patients can consume honey regularly. It helps balance the blood sugar levels.
  5. Ajwain honey provides instant energy and strengthens immunity. When consuming this daily,
  6. One can stay fit, feel young and also enhances athletic performance.
  7. Ajwain Honey also works wonders for wounds and burns when applied externally. It helps stop bleeding as well because of its antibacterial properties.


Thus, by adding a spoon of Ajwain honey to your food every day, one can stay healthy and avoid getting diseases frequently. for more exciting products visit www.thehoneyshopindia.com


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