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What started as a passion for bees, honey and beekeeping has turned into a full time business. It all started in the year 2009 when we got in contact with a bunch of bee keepers on a road trip. The fascination for Honey bees after meeting these bee keepers made us bring four bee colony boxes to our farm. During our study and experiments with these live bee boxes, we extracted some small quantity of delicious honey which was very much appreciated by our friends and family.

We decided to expand, with the sole motive of making this deliciously pure honey a part of healthy lifestyle of many others. These four bee hive boxes, over these years have multiplied many folds. It has been a tremendous journey though, starting as a novice and now having a team of experts in the field on board.

THE HONEY SHOP is now engaged in collection of Apiary Honey and Forest Honey from variety of floral sources across India. It has not limited itself self to just honey, but its experienced team of trained professionals is continuously striving to develop new products using honey. These products are now manufactured using state of art technology and clinically clean facility.

We at THE HONEY SHOP take pride is saying that

  1. No bees are harmed in our honey collection process.
  2. We have evolved a commercially sustainable model for tribal honey foragers by giving them proper training to collect honey in hygienic manner, without harming the bees, and by giving them reasonable remuneration for their hard work and honesty.
  3. We have developed a cluster of bee keeps engaged in scientific bee keeping and harvesting honey without any traces of antibiotics.

Value Packs

Forest I Acacia I Ajwain Honey Combo

Honey Ginger I Honey Orange Tea combo

Honey Orange I Honey Charcoal I Honey Lavender Bathing Bar

Honey Lemmon I Honey Mango I Honey Strawberry Jelly

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